Feed (Movie)


This is a film I wrote for director Brett Leonard. While I’m not a fan of the finished product, if exploitation-horror-thriller is your thing and you have a stomach for digusting scenes, then who am I to stop you.



‘Deeply shocking and darkly funny, Feed slowly brings its satire of consumerism and control to the boil, before ramming it right down the throat.’ Film Four

‘The script by Kieran Galvin is self-aware, satirical and bitingly intelligent, while at the same time vulgar and disgusting.’ Fatally Yours

‘To writer Kieran Galvin’s credit, Feed’s plot structure boasts zero body fat, with each scene intricately relevant to the story.’ Unspeakable Horror

‘An intense, filthy, sexually charged, skull breaking exercise in excess! It just wouldn’t stop stabbing me with crazy scenarios up till its sadistic, yet yummy final frames.’ Joblo

‘On one level, Feed is a classic renegade-cop movie, but deep down, writer Kieran Galvin tackles some fundamental questions about human sexuality and where its source fountains lie.’ Orlando Weekly

‘The script is rock solid, full of cool twists and dynamic characters.’ Killer Reviews