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‘’At turns creepy and undeniably charming, Puppy is a modern thriller with both a grindhouse set-up matched with genuine emotional involvement for its characters … With standout performances, a lean compositional style courtesy of Galvin’s direction, and genuinely unexpected twists and turns, Puppy is a fun, involving piece of work that makes you root for two people to be together even though the honest money says they should probably kill each other.’ Independent Film Quarterly

‘Director Kieran Galvin does fine work sustaining a mood of teasing ambiguity, favoring cool, Lynchian remove with his deliberate pacing, minimalist soundscapes, and spartan settings. To his credit, we never know where the film is heading.’ Sunday Star-Times

‘An extremely bizarre and often very satisfying entry in the ever-expanding woman-in-jeopardy sweepstakes … Without losing any of its ability to shock, Puppy also turns out to be quite funny. Genre enthusiasts will want to go out of their way to find it.’ Movie City News

‘Delightful and original. Its humor is such that it will cause the hidden, dark nasty part of you to smile quietly’ Taieri Herald

Puppy is an excellent debut from Kieran Galvin. With its dark humor, intelligence, and an eye for style, this film could easily gain a cult audience — and should. DVD Verdict

Literally fusing “Misery” with “Black Snake Moan,” the debut film from Aussie director Kieran Galvin —  is pretty raw and chilling stuff.  Digigods

‘9 out of 10. Galvin’s film is a bizarre tale of obsession and love in its most twisted form … part thriller, part escape drama, but mostly a story about love. The performances from all involved are subtle and engaging. Bold, beautiful and always entertaining.’ HollywoodBitchSlap

‘A strange, brave, and black film … a refreshing romantic drama.’ Urban Cinefile

‘A refreshingly different and quirky film about love in all the wrong places.’ New Zealand Herald

‘A twisted take on the traditional love story. Think Misery with all the self-affirmation of Buffalo 66’ Philadelphia Today

‘A surprisingly affecting and thoughtful exploration of two somewhat lugubrious and lonely individuals trapped in unusual circumstances … manages to be both disturbing and believable.’ Exclaim