Nadia Wants to be a Man. Again.

Nadia Spencer is America’s favorite bi-racial cosmetic surgeon. She’s the UN Special Ambassador for Female Genital Mutilation, a mother to two wise-ass kids, and she’s married to the Republican candidate for Mayor of New York. She’s just launched her new book. He’s four weeks away from election day.

The only problem is – Nadia wasn’t always a woman. And right now Nadia wants to be a man, again.

When the truth comes out, not even Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass is gonna knock Nadia Spencer off the front pages. Even if they stick candles in it and set her on fire.


Reader Reviews

Trenchant satire — Galvin’s chosen genre for savaging hypocrisy — is a tricky one to pull off. He succeeds with a steady hand and an assured style. But he has a bigger surprise in store: behind the scathing witticisms are characters we grow increasingly fond of as they themselves grew in awareness. Highly recommended!
The best book I have read in years. I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but I could not put the book down. It is not normally the type of book that appeals to me but after a friend suggested I read it, I can only say thanks. It gave me much to think about and I will read it again in the near future.
A vibrant, witty and timely exploration of gender, sexuality and American politics in all its tabloid glory. Galvin obviously cares for his characters and their trials and tribulations and deftly explores what it means to be human in a refreshing and often hilarious fashion. A brilliant read from start to finish.

If you like gender bending suspense, political intrigue, satire, or dark humor is your thing, this witty novel will keep you laughing and guessing.

Set in contemporary New York,  it’s a funny book for adults, filled with observations and situations that will make you think twice and maybe challenge some of your own ideas about sexuality.

A note from me

If you buy this book, what can you expect? A great story with fascinating characters, and lots of twists and turns. It’s a page turner with hilarious dialogue – finding humor and empathy in situations with gay and transgender characters, drag queens, politicians, and TV chat show hosts.  I promise it will be some of the highest quality writing you’ll find on Amazon. I want to hear you LAUGHING and make you CARE for all the characters – even when they do some things that might shock you. Careful, there are a few sexy scenes that might get your heart racing but they’ll really help you get inside the characters’ heads.

This is not a short book. At 75,000 words it’s around 320 pages, but it’s a fast read, because the action keeps moving and the dialogue is sharp. By the time you get to the happy but perverse ending I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied. So, I hope you take this journey with me. I wrote this for readers like me – informed, global citizens, who love satire, irony, dark humor and clever comedy.